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clustering prediction demand tool for kiwibot

This blog will present the results for an MVP development for an internal tool for kiwibot to have an approach to optimize demand planning by clustering areas according to venues and traffic generated by orders.

All the screenshots contain dummy data. The purpose of…

Image classification. Image credit:


The training of a ConvNet model using large data sets can take hours and the performance of it may be affected by the method in which is being applied the training. For attend this scenario, a technique called Transfer Learning started to be implemented in ConvNets architectures to improve the…

Image credit: Tom Fish Burne

A brief story about the IoT and how it changed the way we lived

If you are part of the baby boomer generation, gen x, millennial or gen z and want to know about IoT without getting bored this post is for you. …

Edward Ortiz

30 years of innovation, inspiration, fascination. -All rights reserved- #whatisyourstory

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